Blood Group System Genotyping


Blood Group System Genotyping


Bio Array’s BeadChip technology utilizes the genetic information of blood donors and patients to predict red blood cell, platelet and leukocyte phenotypes. BeadChip assays for red blood groups are not influenced by immunoglobulin coating of the red blood cells, the presence of recently transfused red blood cells, or any form of polyagglutination.



Using white blood cells present in the donor or patient sample, the Bio Array DNA based blood typing system is used to identify blood group antigens present on the surface of red blood cells. This assay is particularly useful in patients who have been recently transfused with red blood cell products. The assay does involve significant technical time to prepare samples for analysis and is typically only used when less expensive serological methods cannot be utilized to obtain the required data.


Available Tests
N/A RBC Phenotype by Molecular Testing Partial D typing by molecular method Extraction of DNA for Red Cell Phenotype by Molecular Testing RHCE variant typing by molecular testing


Custom collections from a pool of thousands of healthy donors.


Flowcytometry characterization of immune cells.


Research or GMP grade positive or negative cell selection procedures.


Flask or automated expansion services.


Controlled rate freezing using custom cryo-preservatives.


Monitored LN2 vapor phase storage of products and samples.