RBC & Platelet Serology


RBC & Platelet Serology


Exposures to someone else’s blood can sometimes trigger an immune response in the recipient. About 5% of individuals when exposed to blood through a transfusion or through a pregnancy will develop antibodies to proteins on the surface of the donor’s red blood cells or platelets. If this occurs, the specificity of this antibody must be determined before another blood transfusion or pregnancy occurs.



Detection and identification of antibodies directed toward cell surface blood group systems is a critical step in providing safe biological products to patients. Screening tests are used for detection of antibodies that could lead to an immune response in the patient. If screens are positive, panels of cells are used to identify the specificity of the FAB region of the antibody. Depending on the frequency of the antigen in a normal population, samples from extremely rare red blood cells and antisera may be required. Additionally, laboratory methods to remove and isolate antigens and antibodies may be utilized. Our labs meet the stringent criteria required by the AABB to be designated as an accredited immunohematology reference laboratory. Blood group reagent lot release testing and certification can also be performed.


Available Tests
N/A Cold Agglutinin Low Temperature Screen - 22C, 18C, 4C Antibody Elution and Red Cell Panel Antibody Absorption and Red Cell Panel RBC Antibody Titer C Antigen Type E Antigen Type c Antigen Type e Antigen Type Cw Antigen Type M Antigen Type N Antigen Type S Antigen Type

s Antigen Type K Antigen Type k Antigen Type Fya Antigen Type Fyb Antigen Type Jka Antigen Type Jkb Antigen Type Lea Antigen Type Leb Antigen Type P1 Antigen Type A1 Type - Lectin A1 Type Partial D Weak D Testing Rare Antisera - Ag Types Requiring Rare Antisera

Density Gradient Separation, Neocytes Fetal Hemoglobin Stain, Kleihauer-Betke Fetal Hemoglobin Screen, Rosette Test Obstetrical Patient RhIg Workup Platelet Antibody Screen - Indirect Platelet Antibodies - Crossmatch Hemoglobin S Screen

Pre-Treatment of Serum
N/A DTT Rest

Plasma Neutralization
N/A Urine Inhibition Lewis P1 Substance

Pre-Treament of RBCs


Custom collections from a pool of thousands of healthy donors.


Flowcytometry characterization of immune cells.


Research or GMP grade positive or negative cell selection procedures.


Flask or automated expansion services.


Controlled rate freezing using custom cryo-preservatives.


Monitored LN2 vapor phase storage of products and samples.