Infectious Disease Testing


Infectious Disease Testing


Screening donated blood for infectious diseases that can be transmitted through blood transfusion is very important in ensuring safety. A positive screening test in any of the following tests for infectious disease is followed by a confirmatory test, since it is possible to have false positive test results. A false positive occurs when the screening test is positive but it cannot be confirmed. This means a donor was not exposed to the infectious agent being tested for but the screening test was positive. There are eight tests that the FDA requires to be performed on each donor of a unit of blood.



Biological drugs such as blood, tissue and cells have the ability to transmit certain infectious diseases. To reduce the associated risk to patients, samples from the donor are often tested for evidence of these diseases. In our laboratory these test include an enzyme immunoassay (EIA) test for Hepatitis B surface antigen, EIA test for IgM and IgG antibody to hepatitis B core antigen, PCR test for HBV DNA; EIA test for IgG antibody to HCV, PCR test for HCV DNA; EIA test for IgM and IgG antibody to HIV 1/2, PCR for HIV 1 DNA; EIA test for IgG antibody to HTLV I/II; serological test for syphilis, PCR test for West Nile Virus DNA; and EIA test for IgG antibodies to T. Cruzi. These tests are available as a panel or individual assay to mass screen potential donors or research subjects. Additionally, large population testing for red cell antibodies, cytomegalovirus and sickle trait tests can be performed. Direct product testing for sterility and lot release qualification are also performed.


Available Tests
N/A Trypanosoma Cruzi Antigen Total Cytomegalovirus Antibodies, IgG/IgM Nucleic Acid Testing - NAT, ULTRIO HIV-1/HCV/HBV Assay Hepatitis B Virus Core Antigen, Anti-HBc Hepatitis B Surface Antigen, HBsAg Hepatitis C Virus Encoded Antigens, Anti-HCV Human Immunodeficiency Virus Types 1 and 2 Antigen Plus Groups O and M, Anti-HIV Human T-Lymphotropic Virus Types I and II, Anti-HTLV Serological Detection of Syphilis Nucleic Acid Testing - NAT, West Nile Virus Assay Discriminatory Nucleic Acid Testing for Hepatitis B Virus Discriminatory Nucleic Acid Testing for Hepatitis C Virus

Discriminatory Nucleic Acid Testing for HIV-1


Custom collections from a pool of thousands of healthy donors.


Flowcytometry characterization of immune cells.


Research or GMP grade positive or negative cell selection procedures.


Flask or automated expansion services.


Controlled rate freezing using custom cryo-preservatives.


Monitored LN2 vapor phase storage of products and samples.